Introducing NEWSnet, a 24/7 news channel that puts the focus back on the headlines. Unlike many cable news channels prioritizing talk and opinion, NEWSnet follows a classic news wheel format that delivers national and international news, weather, and sports headlines every half hour.

While other channels rely heavily on pundits, panels, and "shout shows," NEWSnet maintains its mission of providing the latest details without injecting opinions into every story. This format allows viewers to stay informed without navigating through speculation and analysis. NEWSnet provides the facts concisely and updates each story every half hour as events unfold.

NEWSnet is unique as the only 24/7 news headline channel available over-the-air, on mobile, and streaming on your smart device.

Here's what each half-hour looks like on NEWSnet : 

:00 & 30 - Headlines NEWSnet begins each half-hour with the top story of the moment, updating with the latest details each half-hour when breaking news develops. The top story is followed by the latest news headlines, updated daily.
:12 & :42 - Weather After a brief commercial break, NEWSnet brings viewers an overview of the weather across the country
:17 & :37 - Sports Every half hour, a 5-minute look at the latest sports news follows the weather.
:24 &:54 - Features or Local News Each half-hour wraps up with a look at features ranging from Health News to interviews, Business Briefs, and more. A 5-minute local news update can be seen in select markets during this time slot instead.

Thanks for making NEWSnet your news source for news!